About us

Since human society entered the digital era, for more than 30 years we have been trying to explore how to make digital intelligent management come into your home, into your kitchen and into your bathroom. Located in Miami of United States and with the support of our technology center in Japan, we focus on the intelligent technology research of electricity saving, water saving, sanitation and human health in human living environment, so that the new generation of digital intelligent technology can be applied to every corner of our family life.




VIDEC SMART TOILET and SMART TOILET SEAT are here to bring you sustainable bathroom solutions. We are here because we care about your hygiene and the hygiene of our world. We are here because we want to create cleaner and safer bathroom environments.

Forget about toilet paper and start thinking about more hygienic, comfortable, and efficient methods to clean yourself. Our intelligent toilet seat allows you to clean yourself using various functions, including a warm water spray and a strong stream of cool drying air. These functions will meet your bathroom needs while creating a cleaner, germ-free environment for everyone to enjoy.






VIDEC SMART KITCHEN FAUCET and SMART KITCHEN SINK that we have painstakingly developed integrate precise metal materials and intelligent numerical control software to ensure that your water consumption in the process of cleaning tableware is accurate and appropriate. The control of intelligent water temperature makes your cleaning experience comfortable and safe. A variety of intelligent water spray modes give you unexpected surprise, and let you feel that your kitchen utensils are truly thoroughly cleaned and sanitary.  




Our purpose at VIDEC is also to take care of our planet. By joining our community, you are helping reduce toilet paper waste and conserving clean water. You are reducing pollution while stopping transmissible diseases. We are here at VIDEC value sustainability, and everything we do here is to make our world a Greener and Safer place to live on.