These FAQs are designed to provide a better understanding of VIDEC products, how to use them, and what it takes to install them. These product facts provide basic information to help customers understand our products and attachments. We also provide some VIDEC frequently asked questions that are specific to the brand, as well as questions our customers have about products in general.

If you have more specific questions about compatibility, features, or installation, please contact us.


VIDEC Smart Toilet Seat With Electric Bidet:

Does a bidet require electricity? 

We offer advanced VIDEC bidet toilet seats. Electric bidet toilet seats require electricity to operate. These more advanced bidet toilet seats are compatible with any standard 120-volt GFCI outlet.


How long is the power cord on an electric bidet seat?

By UL requirement, the power cord for all advanced bidet toilet seats is four feet long. The power cord extends from the center or right side of the seat.


Will I need a professional plumber for installation?

No. All VIDEC products are designed for D.I.Y (Do It Yourself) installation! Check out our installation video for a closer look at what installation entails.


How do I know when I am clean?

Our engineers have been perfecting VIDEC products for more than twenty years, conducting extensive research into exactly what it takes to achieve a refreshing clean. If you have any doubts, you can always press the cleanse button again or check with toilet paper.


Can I flush the toilet “normally” with a bidet installed?

Yes, although the water supply for the  Bidet and the toilet tank is the same, there is plenty of water for both. You can use the Bidet and flush the toilet at the same time, without any problem whatsoever.


How does VIDEC Bidet genarate a filtered fresh water?

VIDEC Smart Toilet Seat Hygiene Technology built in a Filter with triple filtration (stainless steel mesh, PP cotton, sifter) provides fresh clean water for your daily hygiene.


How does VIDEC Bidet "3 IN 1 STAINLESS STEEL NOZZLE" function work?

VIDEC Smart Toilet Seat provides 3 IN 1 STAINLESS STEEL NOZZLE with  bubble infusion technology.- Offers posterior, feminine, and depth washes, improves hygiene.


How many types of wash modes VIDEC Bidet does provide?

VIDEC Smart Toilet Seat Wash Technology provides 6 intelligent wash modes: Buttocks Wash, Female Wash,Turbo Wash, Massage Spa Wash, Children Wash, One Click Auto Wash.


How does the Dryer function work?

VIDEC Smart Toilet Seat Dryer Technology provides a silent large power fan and 3 gears of warm air temperature shift adjustment. It ran continuous operation wind test for 200 hours and intermittent reliability test for 500 hours.


How does the AUTO DEODORIZER work?

VIDEC Smart Toilet Seat Deodorization Technology provides automatic deodorization. The negative ion generators purifies the air of bacteria beneficial for human health.


How does the Smart Deodorizer Fan work?

VIDEC Smart Toilet Seat Deodorization Technology provide a Smart Deodorizer which use a Deodorizing Fan for sucking odor air to prevent spreading to the bathroom, also Using the principle of activated carbon adsorption, air passes through the deodorizing duct and air duct, finally, the super-light shield double-layer photocatalyst net kills bacteria and decomposes odor.


What is the EWATER+ Technology ?

VIDEC Smart Toilet Seat EWATER+ Technology - Cleans dirt Before Each Use; PREWETTING - Sprays Water on the inner wall of Toilet Bowl Before Each Use could mist water to moisten the surface of the toilet bowl, prevent dirt from adhering,and flush to clean.


What should I do if I leave home for more than a few days?

Just shut off the water supply line, and then unplug the power cord.


How warm will a heated seat be?

The seat temperature is adjustable through a range of 86°F through about 104°F. This makes the toilet seat temperature about the same as your body temperature.


How warm is the warm air dryer?

The air is warmed to between 104°F to 140°F. For reference, this is a much lower temperature than a hairdryer.


Is there a weight limit?

Advanced bidet toilet seat models are tested under 390 lbs. for 30,000 cycles.


How much electricity does a bidet seat use?

The average consumption will be about 211.70 kWh. That amount of power adds up to roughly $16.94 per year.


What if the water pressure is uncomfortable?

Only with serious inflammation or irritation might the water pressure feel a little too intense. In that case, the pressure is easily adjustable from the remote.


It's hard enough to keep a regular toilet clean. How do I clean the VIDEC Bidet?

It's easier to clean than a regular toilet seat because a VIDEC Bidet is easy to detach for cleaning. Both attachments and seats can be removed from the toilet using small but secure latches.


How do I know if my toilet bowl is round or elongated?

Older or basic toilets are round. The inside of the toilet bowl is usually about 11 inches in diameter, measuring from side to side. Most modern or deluxe toilets have an elongated bowl that is about two inches longer than it is wide. It's a noticeable difference. If you're still wondering, you can measure from the two mounting bolts at the seat hinge to the very front of the toilet bowl. That measurement will be about 16 1/2 inches if the bowl is round, and 18 1/2 inches if your bowl is elongated.

Can it cure hemorrhoids or constipation?

No. Bidets are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. However, it can considerably ease hemorrhoid pain and improve bowel movements for constipation, if used properly. Using water instead of toilet paper can also reduce irritation caused by wiping.


How long should I use the bidet spray?

It will vary depending on personal preference, but the average person will use a bidet for about 30 to 45 seconds to get thoroughly clean.


Is my bidet using water from the toilet water tank?

No. You are using freshwater tapped from your main water supply directly to the bidet water tank.


Do I need to use soap when I use a bidet?

No, electronic VIDEC Bidets have superior water pressure that is highly efficient at cleaning better and quicker.


Can using a bidet attachment or spray help with a UTI?

Yes, using a bidet regularly can help prevent urinary tract infections by flushing out the bacteria that would normally remain.


Will my VIDEC Bidet work with a seat riser?

No, electronic bidets will not function with anything on top of the seat other than a person. Due to the digital safety sensor, direct contact must be made between the seat and the user. Also, with three to four inches added on top of the bidet, the user will not be able to feel the maximum potential of the water stream. If you need a higher toilet, we suggest a comfort height toilet or a device that raises the toilet from the base instead of adding anything to the top. Raising the toilet from the base will not affect the bidet’s functionality in any way.



VIDEC Smart Kitchen Faucet

What material is used in the construction of Kitchen Faucets?

- Most Kitchen Faucets are made from Solid Brass, and then plated with Chrome, Satin Nickel, ORB, or other finishes, but we also offer kitchen faucets made from Solid Stainless Steel. It is important not to confuse the Satin Nickel Finish, which is plated brass, with Solid Stainless Steel Construction. Stainless steel does not stain, corrode, or rust as easily as ordinary steel.


What does mean Smart Touch Kitchen Faucet?

Unlike traditional kitchen faucets, VIDEC Smart Touch Kitchen Faucet built in a Digital Touch sensor system and when it is activated, no longer using the single lever handle with your messy hand, you just touching anywhere of the gooseneck on the kitchen faucet with your hand or forearm to start and stop the flowing. KEEP achieve a nearly contactless cleaning design of the faucet. 


What does mean Smart LED temperature control?

VIDEC SMART KITCHEN FAUCET provides LED TEMPERATURE CONTROL TECHNOLOGY: LED LIGHT is using to show automatically the average of WATER TEMPERATURE. It can be changed to Red, Green, Blue color via water temperature. Protect your family from cold and hot water, Led works by water flow, no battery is needed.


What does mean Smart Multi-spray wash modes?

VIDEC SMART KITCHEN FAUCET provides 3-FUNCTIONS SPRAY HEAD & PULL OUT SPRAYER TECHNOLOGY to Make Your Washing Easier: Pull down sprayer kitchen faucet with 3 setting modes : STREAM for filling water, SPRAY for strong cleaning wash.The best is the SWEEP mode -It is a powerful high-pressure piece of wide sweep water, thoroughly sweep away stuck-on food from your dishes, sink and the bar, or sweep garbage and sewage to the sink drain, no need to re-scrub by hand.


What is the standard size hole required for a Single Hole Kitchen Faucet Installation?

- Standard hole size is 1 3/8” for a single hole faucet.


Am I required to hire a certified plumber or can I install it myself?

- While many faucets may easily be installed by you, we always recommend that you hire a certified plumber for all installations.


Where do I get replacement parts?

- At VIDEC USA we guarantee that all replacement parts are available for purchase for a period of 3 years. For further information please contact us info@videcshop.com.


Can a portable dishwasher be connected to a Kitchen Faucet?

- Some Kitchen Faucets that do have sprayer may be connected to a portable dishwasher, but some Kitchen Faucets do not have, Pull out faucets should never be connected to portable dishwashers because potential pressure fluctuations during washing cycles cause hose ruptures or leaks.


What is the water pressure in this faucet?

- 60 PSI at 2.2 GPM (gallons per minute)


What type of a cartridge does the faucet have?

- All VIDEC Kitchen Faucet have Ceramic Cartridges.


My kitchen faucet is flowing at a trickle?

Because VIDEC faucets are engineered with ceramic disc valves for smooth, unobstructed operation, trapped debris is commonly the cause of slow flow and can be quickly cleared. For pull-out style faucets, we recommend cleaning the coupler and the check insert in the spray head. For non-pull-out models, the aerator at the end of the spout can be easily removed and rinsed.


Can I use the escutcheon plate with my faucet? 

A matching escutcheon plate is available for every VIDEC center set faucet, making it easy to switch from a 3-hole faucet with handles to a sleek center set design. The escutcheon hides the unnecessary holes in an existing countertop or sink for a clean, updated look. 


My kitchen faucet has low pressure on the hot side, what could be the problem?

In most cases, this is caused by debris in the hot water line or port of the cartridge, and is easy to remedy.  

Option 1:
There is a blockage in the hot water supply. You can back flush the cold water thru the hot supply:
- Turn off the hot under the sink,
- Disconnect hot water supply from faucet
- Place bucket under hot supply hose
- Hold hand over hand spray aerator to block water
- Turn faucet on in warm water position 
- Cold should run out of hot supply and flush debris.

Option 2:
You can also turn off water under sink, remove cartridge, and push a wire thru the hot supply hose to push out the blockage.


Why did I suddenly lose pressure in my kitchen faucet?

VIDEC kitchen faucets are engineered for lasting durability and dependable performance. A sudden loss of water pressure in a recently installed faucet is generally an accumulation of debris in the coupler or in the check valve in the spray head. In both cases, simply rinse to remove debris. In older kitchen faucets, it may be necessary to replace the coupler.