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VIDEC TD-82E Electronic Bidet Smart Toilet, Auto Open/Close Lid & Seat with Radar and Foot Sensor, Auto Flushing, Unlimited & Filtered Warm Water, 6 Modes Spa Wash, Warm Air Dryer, Deodorizer, Heated Seat, Night Light/LED, Remote Control.

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  1. A New Technology with Automatic System built in VIDEC Smart Toilet, provides automatic functions for operation, supplies warm water with variety of spray functions and a heated dry function to meet your bathroom hygiene, no need to touch on the Toilet, no toilet paper, no mess, no hemorrhoids, no urinary tract infections, no intestine congestion, etc, everything we can do is to care your health and make your bathroom using to be so easy and comfortable. 
  2. VIDEC Smart Toilet provides “Dual Mode Induction Technology” to control the Automatic system which is built in our products. The first mode is using Radar Induction that permits toilets to open and close the cover, the seat automatically and to flush automatically. The Second mode is using Foot Sensor Induction which is able to do the same works above automatically.
  3. VIDEC Smart Toilet “Hygiene Technology” brought triple filtration (stainless steel mesh, PP cotton, sifter) that provides fresh clean water for your daily hygiene. The advanced hybrid heating technology provides an extended and unlimited warm water cycle with 4 adjustable water temperatures to meet different body needs.
  4. VIDEC Smart Toilet “SPA Wash Technology” provides 6 intelligent wash modes: Buttocks Wash, Shift Moving Buttocks Wash, Female Wash, Shift Moving Female Wash, Massage Spa Wash, One Click Auto Wash. The self-cleaning stainless steel nozzle automatically cleans before and after every toilet use.
  5. VIDEC Smart Toilet “ Air Dryer with Purify System” provides a silent large power fan and 4 gears of warm air temperature shift adjustment.  45°C-55°C constant temperature air supply also start aromatherapy purification.
  6. VIDEC Smart Toilet “Rotating Foam Shield with Deodorization System” provides all-round splash resistant foam shield to block odors and bacteria, prevents dirt from sticking, avoid spreading the smell.
  7. VIDEC Smart Toilet “Jet Siphon Type Flushing Technology” provides independent water pressurization to give instant flush in one second, a large water tank and a silent booster pump are built in which make flushing cyclone and stronger. No water pressure limit and no dirt residua on the toilet inner wall. 
  8. VIDEC Smart Toilet “ Healthy Therapy Technology” provides Infrared Therapy to Improve poor bowel movements, through the infrared light heating for promoting the blood circulation to ease the defecation.  Ultraviolet Light Sterilization opens the high efficiency UVC irradiation, to kill the bacteria and say goodbye to germs.
  9. VIDEC Smart Toilet “ Multiple Intelligent Control Technology” provides two types of Control systems, External intelligent Remote Control can be placed at will, it is easy to manurer and convenient for accomplishing all of operations. Multifunctional side Control Knob rotates once to achieve a full set of services for butt washing/women washing -> flushing -> drying, so that when the home is out of power, you can perform power-off flushing/power-off cleaning by long-pressing, and the power outage will last for about a week.
  10. VIDEC Smart Toilet “ Multiple safety protection Technology” provides the 12V safety voltage to guarantee the safety of electricity use, the leakage will automatically cut off the power, and the safety hazards will be blocked instantly. IPX4 waterproof, there is no need to worry about the water and electricity safety of the elderly and children at home. Not only waterproof, but also multiple safety protection.