VIDEC TY-66R Electronic Bidet Smart Toilet Seat, Filtered & Unlimited Warm Water, 8 Modes SPA Wash, Deodorizer, Warm Purified Air Dryer, 3 IN 1 STAINLESS STEEL NOZZLE , PRE-WETTING.

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  • VIDEC Smart Toilet Seat Built in a New Technology Cleaning System, provides the filtered warm water with variety of spray functions and a heated dry function to meet your bathroom needs, no toilet paper, no mess, no hemorrhoids, no urinary tract infections, no intestine congestion, etc, everything we can do is to care your health.
  • VIDEC Smart Toilet Seat Hygiene Technology built in triple filtration (stainless steel mesh, PP cotton, sifter) provides fresh clean water for your daily hygiene. The advanced hybrid heating technology provides an extended and unlimited warm water cycle with 3 adjustable water temperatures to meet different body needs.
  • VIDEC Smart Toilet Seat provides Pre-wetting System to spray water on the inner wall of the toilet and moisten the surface of the toilet, keeping the toilet bowl clean and killing bacteria.
  • VIDEC Smart Toilet Seat provides 3 IN 1 STAINLESS STEEL NOZZLE with bubble infusion technology.- Offers posterior, feminine, and depth washes, improves hygiene.
  • VIDEC Smart Toilet Seat Wash Technology provides 8 intelligent wash modes: Buttocks Wash, Shift Moving Buttocks Wash, Female Wash, Shift Moving Female Wash, Turbo Wash, Massage Spa Wash, Children Wash, One Click Auto Wash. The self-cleaning stainless steel nozzle automatically cleans before and after every toilet use.And the Dryer Technology provides a silent large power fan and 3 gears of warm air temperature shift adjustment.
  • VIDEC Smart Toilet Seat Cleaning Air Technology provide a Smart Fan Ventilator which use a Sucking Fan for sucking bad smell air to prevent spreading to the bathroom, also Using the principle of activated carbon absorption, air passes through the cleaning duct and air duct, finally, becomes fresh and natural.